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Kung Foo Preacher is retired now but you can still visit on social media. Our music is still out there to find if you like.

Kung Foo Preacher - Band

Kung Foo Preacher is a band and musical project from Dallas songwriter, Ben Power. Supporting as Bass Guitar and Rhythm Guitar/Vocals respectively are Carlos Contreras and Noel Contreras. They have been friends since high school and have enjoyed hanging out and playing music together ever since. The band first started under the name 'Go and Make Disciples' and then 'illfusion'. The name Kung Foo Preacher stuck as the music became heavier and more experimental. The music has always been a fusion of Blues, Metal, Hard Rock, scattered with unique hooks. They have played all over Dallas and surrounding areas since 1997. 

Past Members:

  • Chris Bryan (Drums Go and Make Disciples)
  • Craig Bernardo (Bass Go and Make Disciples) 
  • Paul Lowery (Drums illfusion)
  • John Covington (Drums Kung Foo Preacher)
  • John Cherry/Marshall Akuma (Drums Kung Foo Preacher)